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With over 15 years of experience in live sound, we can proudly say we travel amongst the stars.

Life/Sound Production can help you with all aspects of your audio needs for concerts, festivals, events or tours.

While providing services for some well-known sound suppliers, we can also give you the best advice for your project. We can either help you ourselves, or forward you to the appropriate partner.

Feel free to contact us!

Latest News

Biffy Clyro (EU Festivals June->Aug 2016) - SKAN PA Hire
WC'66 @ Wembley Arena 2016 - SKAN PA Hire
Biffy Clyro (Asia July 2016) - SKAN PA Hire
Biffy Clyro (EU Promo's Apr-May 2016) - SKAN PA Hire
Muse (Europe Jan->June 2016) - SKAN PA Hire
Biffy Clyro @ Hogmanay NYE 2015 - SKAN PA Hire
Muse (Mexico/North-America Oct->Dec 2015) - SKAN PA Hire